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Daily Archive: May 11, 2018

Things You Should Know Before Trying a Weed Vaporizer

The word ‘vaporizer’ is usually linked to the humidifying device which we used when we had a cold. But, recently the science behind the vaporization technique has been used in vaporizing weed.

Description of Weed Vaporizer

So, the weed vaporizer is a device that makes you high by heating the herbs present inside it and then concentrates them without burning. A weed vaporizer releases CBDs and THC by utilizing a heating element present internally and thereby starts conduction and convection currents. Some premium vaporizers allow the temperature to be regulated by the user and most of them heat at 350-400 F.

Weed vapes are overall more economical as it helps conserve the weed and is also better for your lungs, throat, and mouth. It also reduces the concentration of the harmful toxins that users inhale.

Types of Weed Vaporizers

There are different types of weed vapes that are available in different shapes and sizes. Certain models have an element which is externally heated and some have an internal heating element. There is a weed vape for your every need. Some of them are:

  • Forced air vaporizers
  • Whip style vaporizers
  • Portable vaporizers
  • Pen vaporizers

Weed Vaporizer Arsenal

It is important that marijuana smokers have a collection of several types of weed vaporizer for their smoking activities. The common types of weed vapes that we get to see are a desktop vape for home use, a portable vape for using in the car and house and a vape pen for use in public. There is a specific type of vape for everyone.

How do You Choose a Weed Vaporizer

According to Type:

Considering your lifestyle first before buying a weed vape is a good thing. A portable vape is best for a person travelling a lot.

According to Heating Methods:

Here the preferred type is the convection vaporizers because of better control and usage of fewer herbs.

According To Power Source:

This is more relevant in case of pen vapes and portable vapes as they use a rechargeable battery. The desktop ones require electricity.  So yeah did you know the Best portable dry herb vaporizer is finally here and available today, simply check it out today.