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5 different e-juices one must certainly try


There are many flavors of E-cigaretter e-juices available in the market and for those who love to try varieties even when they smoke, e-cigarettes are boon. Mentioned below are some of the e-juices which every e-cigarette enthusiast must try their hands on.

  1. Cinnablaze E Juice

This is made exclusively for those who want to set their tongue and respirator system ablaze and feel a volcano erupting inside their system. This is one of the best flavors which everyone must try atleast once when they smoke E-væske. The flavor of cinnamon can make you crave more of it.

  1. Cream Cookie E Juice

When you cannot eat the real chocolates or cream cookies while smoking, you can still satiate your cravings with the cream cookie e-juice. This is one of the most selling e-juices among all the other e-juices and it can leave you completely happy when you smoke this e-juice.

  1. Traditional Tobacco

This is made for people who cannot keep themselves away from the feel of smoking a regular cigarette. The strong flavor of tobacco lingers in you for a long time and of course, can make you feel extremely delighted.

  1. Traditional Menthol

Menthol has been one of the most common yet a most popular flavor of all times. Irrespective of where it is being used, menthol always holds a strong position hence, the demand for this flavor has never decreased. The cold feeling of ice as you vape can leave you in a state of bliss and especially on a hot sunny day, this can be an ideal e-juice to be used.

  1. Lemon Tart E-Juice

The mixture of well-blended creamy and tangy lemon curd with sugar-tinged meringue is what this Roskilde e-juice has in it and it gives you great feeling as you inhale and exhale the smoke.