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Step by step process to apply Australian ETA

What are all the steps involved in applying Australian ETA?

  • Before you apply Australian ETA check whether you have a valid passport
  • Apply for Australia visa
  • Once you finish applying for the visa the concerned officer will let you know about the visa application and documents status. Or you can check visa and documents status online.
  • Once the visa is issued you should lodge your online Australian ETA application. You will receive the written advice from the authorities and the advice consists of
  1. Notification about the approval of ETA
  2. Notifies that your application has been taken forward for the further evaluation.
  3. You can easily check the application status online after 12 hours of logging back into the ETA select the Check an ETA to know about the status of your application
  4. The advice you to make contact with the nearby au visa office for the purpose of making a new application

If you apply for ETA Australian visa in person, you will be granted with your visa and get the below-mentioned details:


  • Grant number of the visa
  • The starting date of the visa
  • Visa conditions

Hold the email copy when you are in Australia. In case if your visa is refused you’ll get an email with following details that are stating about the cancellation of visa. In this case, you have the right to review the decision.

Steps should be followed if ETA is not approved

Most of the ETAs are issued immediately, while some can take few days to get approved. In case of requirement of additional information, the IRCC will notify you through email and advice you to proceed with the next step.

In case if you have not received the email confirming about the ETA application within 72 hours of applying. Fill the online web form, details required to fill the web form are:

  • Basic personal details
  • Select ETA under the “Type of Application” option
  • Provide as much as possible details about the problems you have faced during the process. This will take a few days to answer your queries.
  • In case if you have applied ETA in the airport and it is not issued on time, you will have to reschedule your flight and wait for approval.