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When You’re Dream of Getting an Alternative to Au Visa Is Just a Click Away

 We all have that childhood dream of visiting a foreign land in our youth or during our college days. But as we grow up, priorities change and that dream of visiting gets shelved deep within our heart. When we come across some advertisement on any media platform that childhood dream gets to live. In this article, we will be talking about how to fulfill your dream of visiting the Land of Kangaroo.

What is Electronic Travel Authority?

We all know australia heavily depends on tourism to a great extent in order to support their country. They have always been little lenient when it comes to encouraging tourism. The Australian travel agents came up with Electronic Travel Authority or ETA to make things even more fluid when it comes to granting Visa.

Criteria and Limitations:

ETA is required by any visa-exempt foreign nationals who desire to visit this country. The time span which requires to get ETA approved very is very short. In most cases, it takes about 3-4 days but it can go a maximum of 7 days. There are certain grounds on which a person’s ETA application form may get rejected. He can reapply for ETA stating why his last attempt was declined. There are certain limitations when it comes to applying for ETA.

It is applicable only for citizens of Singapore, Republic of South USA, Japan, Malaysia, Darussalam, and Hong Kong only. The validity of an ETA lasts for about 3 months and it can be applied by people who have a valid passport of above-mentioned countries.

Alternatives of ETA:

In any case, if a person’s ETA gets rejected several times he can easily get au visa from the Australian Embassy. A person must understand that having a valid ETA is not sufficient to enter the Australian land, the immigration authority makes the final call regarding that.